Most Effective Ways To Prevent Drainage Clogging In Your Kitchen

Plumbing provides us the precious resource – water. Clean water is the key to a healthy life. Plumbing also takes away the contaminated and dirty water from our home. Yet plumbing is usually overlooked. Plumbing has increased the comfort in our lives. Now we can get the water whenever we want and wherever we want. Ignoring the proper maintenance of the plumbing system can cause so many issues. A clogged drain is one of them. Clogs are nasty to deal with. None of us prefer the pain and inconvenience that a clogged drain brings to us. The situation is even worse with the clogged kitchen drain. Taking the help of plumbing services can also be useful in clearing the clogs. To avoid the kitchen drain clogging, it’s important that we take an account of what we are putting in it. There are few things that you can do to avoid the clogging in your kitchen drain:

Here are few tips from our experts that can help you

  1. Pouring Grease – We think that pouring the grease in the kitchen drain is okay but it can create a messy clog in your kitchen drain.
  2. Coffee Grounds – Dumping coffee grounds in the kitchen drains can severely clog your kitchen drain. Nothing can clog the drains more than coffee grounds and grease. Instead of putting them in the sink, compost them as they make a great fertilizer.
  3. Running Down The Cold Water When Using The Garbage Disposal – Cold water can solidify the fats and then the garbage disposal can easily ground them so that the particles of the grease will not stick to the walls of the pipes.
  4. Do not put fibrous food items like eggs shell, banana peels and celery in the garbage disposal. It can get trapped in the blades of the garbage disposal, jamming it.
  5. Baking soda also works great for cleaning the pipes of your kitchen. It works as a great cleaning agent. Pour little baking soda in your sink and follow with the hot water. It will keep your pipes clean and will also keep them freshly smelling.
  6. Vinegar is another very important agent to clean your drain. Pour vinegar into the drain and leave it for 30 minutes. Then run the hot water. Vinegar will dissolve the organic buildup in the drain.
  7. High starch food like pasta, potatoes etc can also clog the drain of your kitchen. So avoid putting too much of starchy food in your sink.
  8. Ice and salt can be used to clean the garbage disposal. Grinding the ice with the salt will clean up the buildup on the blade of garbage disposal. Grinding lime and orange peels in your garbage disposal can keep the problem of odor in control.
  9. When your drain is clogged it’s easy to use the chemical cleaners but they are harmful to your pipes because of the presence of the acid in them. The acid in the cleaners can scrap the pipes which can further clog the drain.
  10. Running hot water after the grease will keep the grease in the liquid form and it will keep it moving preventing the clogging in the drain.

There are so many DIYs which can help you with your clogged kitchen drain but not all DIYs should be followed blindly. Using some harsh chemicals not only damages your drain but a little splash back can cause harm to your skin too. If you feel that you are apt for the job, do not hesitate to call your local Peoria AZ Plumbers, he will provide the best solution to your problem.